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"We've never found two firearms that created the same individual characteristics on a bullet," said James Gannalo, a retired detective with the New York City Police Department's Ballistics Unit who now runs a forensic consultancy. Each time a bullet is fired through the barrel of a gun, like the Colt Python, it becomes imprinted with grooves and microscopic imperfections — markings as specific to a gun as fingerprints to a person, he said. While local investigators declined this week to speak specifically about how they made the Colt Python connection, citing the ongoing investigation, local and national ballistic experts, including Gannalo, agreed to talk broadly about how firearm experts can link fired bullets to a particular weapon. To do an analysis, investigators must first find the bullets. Sometimes the bullets are lodged in walls or covered in brush or buried in bodies. "Officers amaze me when they find them. The bullet is just awfully, awfully small when it comes out and then it just goes burrowing into whatever," said Debra Gillis, firearm/tool-mark examiner and biological screener at the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory in Anchorage. Bullets can provide some answers — if they're in good condition and have good markings — as shell casings left behind can. It's less common to find shell casings with a revolver, like the Colt Python, because the casings remain in the cylinder after the gun has been fired. Other weapons automatically eject casings with each shot. Even if no casings are found, Gillis said, she doesn't assume the shooting involved a revolver.

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