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And the money is meager — the equivalent of $2 to $3 on a good day, Nsenga said. Diggers gather at the Tilwezembe cobalt mine outside Kolwezi. Miners make an average of $2 or $3 a day. A fistful of cobalt-laden dirt is held up at the Musompo mineral market, where diggers sell their cobalt at small shops known as “comptoirs.” “We shouldn’t have to live like this,” he said. And when accidents occur, diggers are on their own. Last year, after one digger’s leg was crushed and another suffered a head wound in a mine collapse, Nsenga was left to raise the hundreds of dollars for treatment from other diggers. The companies that buy the minerals rarely help, Nsenga and other diggers said. Deaths happen with regularity, too, diggers said. But only mass casualties seem to filter out to the scant local media, such as the U.N.-funded Radio Okapi. Thirteen cobalt miners were killed in September 2015 when a dirt tunnel collapsed in Mabaya, near the Zambia border.

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