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Health workers can place orders via text message; once the materials have been flown in, they float down in parachutes. Separation from relatives is a common trauma for refugees. Since 2008, more than 600,000 people have registered for a mobile platform made by a nonprofit called Refunite, which has reconnected more than 38,000 family members. Refunite’s platform operates in six languages and asks users to enter information about themselves and the people they’re looking for, then allows users with connections to send each other messages. Red Cross and Red Crescent societies have their own reconnection initiative, called Trace the Face. It publishes pictures online of people looking for missing relatives and lets them search photos that others have posted of themselves, filtering by criteria like gender, age, and country of origin. Before long, facial-recognition software could transform this database and others like it into advanced people-finding machines. Blockchain, the decentralized technology behind bitcoin, could offer privacy and safety to people who have reason to fear that registering with a government could put them in danger. In 2015, Bitnation, which offers users banking, education, notary, and other services without any formal state affiliation, created a Refugee Emergency Response program that participants can use to register for emergency IDs. These allow users to securely verify one another’s identity and connect with far-flung family members. Refugees who want to establish a legal identity in a new country confront countless obstacles—they may have fled without their birth certificate, for instance, if they ever had one.

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