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The agreement, which is the supplier's first in the U.K. retail market, follows the successful delivery of similar solutions to Ladbrokes in their online channels over the last 12 months. It now arms the operator with the supplier's sophisticated CRM engine, which dynamically segments customers using the operator's loyalty card, The Grid, by behavioral attributes. It then provides them with relevant marketing messages at the optimum time to help Ladbrokes maximize customer value and boost retention rates. Adi Dagan, founder and CEO of Beehive, said he was delighted to have extended their partnership with one of the industry's leading brands in order to make its U.K. retail debut. He added: "In such a competitive industry in which the battle to acquire and retain customers is so fierce I'm confident that our platform will give Ladbrokes an edge over its rivals. "It's a real feather in our caps that they have chosen Beehive to boost their CRM capabilities, and I'm sure our proven technology will provide them with a quick and quantifiable return on investment." Beehive's unique Labs platform is a powerful tool that helps operators and fellow suppliers analyze, optimize and monetize customers. Its unique intuitive marketing tools are proven to boost conversion and retention rates across online, mobile, and retail channels.

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